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Design works
if it's authentic, inspired, and has a
clear point of view.
It can't be a
collection of input.
- Ron Johnson


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Online Design and Technical Guides

The more you know about correctly preparing your files, the more confident you will be about the outcome. When files are prepared properly, our prepress department spend less time preparing and repairing your files, and you spend less money.

Here are just a few resources you may find helpful:
Adobe Videos (free, search by application)
Adobe CS3 Print Guide (free)
Adobe Design Center
Adobe Online Training (paid)
Adobe Online Training (free sample courses)
Quark Support Database
InDesign Templates (117 Free templates)
International Paper Knowledge Center - Glossary
International Paper Knowledge Center - Learn About Printing & Print Preparation
International Paper - Pocket Pal 20th Edition
Microsoft Publisher Tips for preparing your publication for commercial printing.

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