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Submission Checklist

Please include with your printing order:

  • Laser proofs of all pages with FPO and spot colors indicated
  • Special instructions for any images to be scanned
  • Your page layout document and all linked graphics
  • Your project specifications including, quantity, ink colors, paper, finishing instructions, packaging, sample requests, deadline and delivery instructions,
  • Your contact information and the project billing information
  • All fonts with both printer and screen fonts included.

Please check your files for the following:

  • Resolution: The minimum resolution of your artwork should be 2 X the line screen being used. Our default line screen is 150 lpi, making 300 dpi the minimum resolution for any image being placed at 100% size.
  • Set all 4 color images to CMYK mode. RGB and index mode should not be used.
  • Spot colors should be included in the same file as the 4 color elements to ensure proper trapping.
  • Spot Color: Please be sure that the colors you are using in your document are set up to separate properly by 1) making sure that color names are identical in your layout program and in any images created in your drawing programs, and 2) printing a set of separations to be sure your spot and process colors are separating as you intended.
  • Duotones should have screen angles at least 30° apart to prevent moiré patterns.

Please Do Not:

  • Do not apply styles to fonts using the application's style menu (bold, shadow, outline, etc.).
  • Do not impose your files. Goetzcraft Printers will handle all imposition.
  • Do not apply traps: Goetzcraft Printers will trap your multi-colored digital files, unless instructed otherwise.
If you have any questions, please contact us at 734-973-7604 for assistance.


Include 1 screen font and 1 printer font for each postscript font used in your document. Put all screen fonts in one suitcase labeled with project name. Put all printer fonts in the same folder as the suitcase.