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To design is to communicate
clearly by
whatever means
you can control
or master.
- Milton Glaser


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Saving Your Files

Save in Native Format

Please save your file in the native format of the page layout software you are using. If you are working in InDesign, then please save your file as an InDesign file. This give us the ability to open the file for adjustments and editing if necessary as we process your file. Please note that you should always keep a back-up copy of your files.

Save in Page Order, Not Reader Spreads

Please prepare your multi-page document in page order and include blank pages. Arranging your pages in spreads as you build your design and layout is fine, but they should be postscripted as single pages. It is always a good idea as well to include a mock-up. That extra information eliminates any chance of confusion and allows us to do our very best for you.

Save FPO (For Position Only) for Low-Resolution Images

If you desire, you can do all of your layout work and leave the hi-resolution scanning of your images to us. Simply submit your file with a For-Position-Only (FPO) low resolution scan to show size and cropping and we can do the rest. We can also do your hi-resolution scans and supply them to you to place in your layout yourself if you want to do retouching or cropping.

Goetzcraft Printers


Be cautious. Resizing pixel-based files, such as photos, from inside your page layout document directly effects the printed resolution. A final image resolution of 300 dpi is recommended for offset printing. It is always preferable to place images in your layout program at 100% size.